The list of material was already posted on Wednesday. Now the first thing that should be done before assembling our bookends is sawing the 4.5inches board to obtain two triangles. I didn’t find any MDF-board but only a plywood board mesuring o.01 square feet but that’s ok too.
If you want to change the top of your bookholder you should do that first because then you can still fix it to your workbench or table for sawing. Next step is the sizing of the small ridge at the bottom of your board. This border prevents books from slipping down.
For a wooden plug I made a fitting hole at the long side of each triangle. Placing them at the sides of your board allows you to mark the plugs’ position and to drill the holes.The bottom should also be fixed with paste. Now there are only the edges to be chamfered and you may start painting your bookholder. I’ll probably try decoupage with my first one but in any case this is a chance to let your or your child’s imagination run wild.

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