Flaky pastry rolls

blaetterteigrolleenglI didn’t have much time and there was still the flaky pastry in the fridge. So I simply varied a recipe recently seen. The dark chocolate, almonds, sugar, vanilla sugar and cooking oil should be chopped in a mixer. Unreel the flaky pastry and spread the almond-chocolate mixture on it. Disperse the brittle on top and then cut the pastry in halves lengthwise. Roll up the halves from middle to edge and cut them each into 5 small rolls. To avoid sticking put the rolls on baking paper. Put them in the oven at appr. 428°F for about 15 minutes. Let cool down on a baking rack and serve with a latte macchiato – delicious. If you like the contrast of sweet and sour you can disperse some lemon flavoured icing sugar on top of the rolls.

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