Advent calendar Par IV

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One of the quickly done calendars. Simply choose a wicker heart and decorate it with a Christmas ribbon matching with the color of the wall behind it. Mine will hang on a light brown wall. The lovely Santa box is made with the template of the mini gift box which I showed last October. For this calendar I glued a small hat on top of the box to mark the “6”. If the box will stand like on my book shelf calendar you can even creat a hat with a quadrant and glue it to the upper side of the closed box with a small auxiliary strip. Border and point of the hat are covered with some wadding. Beneath its front border I glued some wadding formed as a beard and placed a little wooden ball in its middle giving a nose. To open the box simply fold the hat backwards and lift the upper flap.
Get free printable numbers from 1-24 with my proposal number III.


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