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Easy Holiday Table Ideas I

Not even two weeks left until Christmas Eve. Time to think about your holiday table. My device for these occasions “Less is more” because the nice and delicious food should attract our attention. In a book called “Dekoideen für Weihnachten” from GU I found this lovely idea about using Christmas balls as a candle holder. […]

Little assistants

A picture of my Santa Claus cookies gallery shows the plastic bars at work. They help to roll out pastry evenly. My set contains three thicknesses, 0.098/0.138/0.177 inches. Since the start of baking holiday cookies I’m a convinced follower of these bars. All cookies are of the same thickness and they all need the same […]


Brownies – delicious the whole year through. This recipe coming from my mum is with lots of chocolate. I tried it at home, found it brillant and asked for it directly. It’s a must for all chocolate fancier!  

Roast apples

Delicious dessert or to be savoured with a nice cup of tea or coffee. The filling with curd cheese, egg yolk and almonds makes it really rich.

Sewn stars

Stars – the symbol of Christmas time. Today we’ll sew some of them. The advantage is the numerous fabric designs allowing to match them with your table decoration, the colors of your flat or the occasion you want to use them for. I lined them with waddings of different thickness. But for all stars is […]