Holiday Table Ideas II

Weihnachtenrot3For all those who love the traditional combination of red and green for their holiday table. Several balsa wood stars create a nice atmosphere when placed beside some fir twigs in the middle of your table. We sawed stars of two different sizes and drilled a hole having the same diameter as the Christmas Tree candles into the smaller stars. You may use the template of my earlier post for sewn stars. All edges should be rounded with sand paper and the small stars be glued to the bigger ones. This goes best with wood glue. If you don’t have bar clamps take some heavy books to lay on your stars until glue has come firm. Then all stars are painted with red varnish. This has to be dried at least half a day. You may as well buy ready stars, make the holes and glue them together. To fix the Christmas Tree candles heat them lightly at their bottom before placing them in a hole. For the center of our fir garland we made a bigger star for a large candle which we decorated with a little wreath. Some small Christmas balls’re completing the table decoration.
I didn’t have enough time to lay the entire table but best would be a white table cloth and for the napkins we chose a nordic pattern that fits well with the one of our big candle. We folded it like an icicle and twisted a little heart around. If you want you can even use the hearts as place settings if you write down the name of your guests on that little heart. Alternatively you can take a red Christmas Ball with the guest’s name and fix it round your napkins with a nice ribbon.

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  • Weihnachtliche Dekorationen II – Holiday Table Ideas II

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