Super Tuber

Mohnschnecke1There’s nothing special with these potatoes. They just succeeded being mentioned because I had to cook them already today for my tomorrow’s post. The main ingredient of many recipes in a German food magazine called “Gugelhupf” is actually our beloved potato. I was specially attracted by a picture of a cup cake filled with poppy seed and tangerines. Will that be good? Pastry with curd cheese, potatoes and sweet fruit? We’ll see but for today’s dinner I just cooked 3 extra potatoes (appr. 10 oz) for tomorrow. Now they’re mashed and waiting for processing. Tomorrow I’ll therefore spend some time in my kitchen to try these “Pastry-snails”. I’ll report on the result and the taste of the cup cakes afterwards. If you like to try the recipe yourself immediately after my post you should start boiling your potatoes tomorrow morning at the latest…..

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