Christmas time – angels are floating in every room. This year they’re hanging amidst some white colored beech branches. Every year I have to throw away some of my angels because they’re looking a bit scuffed after being packed and unpacker several times. Fonrtunately there’s a new generation of angels every year. This year I found them on a Scandinavian website but without any instructions. After some drawing attempts I finally found a shape I liked. Download the template for free if you want.

2017_Engel2Cut out body and wings from desired card stock. Prepare a wooden or cotton ball for the head and cut a 8-10cm long ribbon to suspend the angels. Pull the paper body over the back side of a ruler so that the body will curve a bit. Place wings and ribbon loop between both ends of the angel’s body and fix with glue. cut a small collar if you like, prick a small hole in the center to go through it with your ribbon. Then add the head ball and glue both. The template contains two different sizes of angels. With the help of a copier you may increase or diminish it.
(Instructions for grey angel on the right side.)


Above a further window decoration with some of my this year angels hanging on a wooden branch with a paper Christmas tree and paper stars. The wood is decorated with fir twigs and these are fastened with fairy lights. These little lights will make the angels’ wing glow in the dark.







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